Connecting the public with current dengue research, policy and stakeholders

We are a group of UCL Physics students that, with the support of Prof Nguyễn TK Thanh, is working towards establishing a platform where the public can become better informed about the methods for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of dengue, the policies that can be followed to eradicate it, and connect with primary stakeholders, including experts and organisations.


Team Members: Aynul, Anika; Chow, Jun Wei; Iordan, Rares-Ioan; Kim, Susie; Rocamonde, Juan Carlos; Waisman, David; Wylie, Olivia; Ying, Zhaohong.

Chair: Juan Carlos Rocamonde
Secretary: Olivia Wylie
Communications: Rares-Ioan Iordan
Website design: David Waisman, Rares-Ioan Iordan, Juan Carlos Rocamonde
Text: Chow Jun Wei, Kim Susie, Olivia Wylie, Zhaohong Ying, Anika Tasnim Aynul
Stakeholders: Kim Susie

Supervisor: Prof Nguyen T. K. Thanh, Professor of Nanomaterials, Dept of Physics & Astronomy, University College London (http://ntk-thanh.co.uk)